Case Study | Reduce Input, Enhance Output

Vineyards, Reduce Inputs, Enhance Output – Spain

A renowned vineyard in the Ribera del Duero region in Spain conducted a two-year trial with OCC on the Tempranillo variety in 2014 and 2015. The viticulturist applied three applications in both campaigns to compare the efficacy of colloidal protocol against the vineyard’s standard protocol; At 20-40cm sprouting, at the start of flowering, and around 50% veraison. In addition, the vineyard combines nutritional and protection spray in the same tank mix to reduce the application cost. Results showed OCC improved 25% yields in both campaigns despite a 30% reduction in nutrients and chemical input over two harvests.

Tomato, Reduce Inputs, Enhance Output – Spain

A comprehensive study on the use of OCC on a popular tomato variety was conducted in 2009 by a consultation company in Spain. On a five-hectares tomato field, 2.5 hectares used the standard growing protocol with the regular dose of protection and control chemicals as recommended on products’ labels. On another 2.5 hectares plot, OCC was included in the control sprays, but all dosages were reduced by 50%. Results showed a 14% higher yield on OCC plots with 20% higher Brix levels and 50% chemical savings per hectare.

Potato, Reduce Inputs, Enhance Output – Spain

In a potato farm in the Avila region in Spain, OCC colloidal nutrients [OCC with amino acids] were applied on VITALIA variety potatoes in combination with crop protection chemicals at various dosage reductions to assess their impact on control and yield.
Three treatments were applied to compare the performance against neighbouring plots which adopted standard cultivation practices. The results showed a significant yield improvement of 62 tons per hectare on the OCC plot over adjacent plots’ yield of 40 to 45 tons per hectare.