Case Study | Reduce Input, Enhance Output

Grapevines Reduce Inputs and Enhance Output – Spain|{p}Double-digit reduction in nutrients and protection chemicals.{/p}|{p}Double-digit increase in productivity. {/p}|{p}No adverse impact on quality.{/p}

✓ Two campaign trials in Ribera del Duero.|
✓ The first campaign had a 30% reduction in nutrients, fungicides and pesticides.|
✓ The second campaign had a 30% reduction in fungicides and a 25% reduction in insecticides.|
✓ Both campaigns had a 25% yield increase over untreated plots.

Potato Reduce Inputs, Enhance Output – Spain|{p}Reduce the Input of more than ten protection chemicals. {/p}|{p}Increase the final output of potatoes significantly.{/p}

✓ The potato grower in the Avila region of Spain provided the trial data. |
✓ The crop protection chemicals dosages were reduced, ranging from 14% to 75%. A significant input cost reduction per hectare. |
✓ Productivity per hectare was 62 tons versus two standard plots of 40 and 45 tons, respectively.