For Formulators

The Organic Colloidal Concentrate, OCC, has been crafted to offer a seamless infusion of lipids into existing commercial products, focusing on formulators and manufacturers. Importantly, this integration doesn’t necessitate altering the composition of formulations. Instead, it gently refines their physicochemical attributes, providing an advantage across diverse applications.

The beauty of OCC lies in its harmonious compatibility with the spectrum of chemicals and minerals compounds that grace the market. By elegantly merging with chemical formulations, OCC elevates the efficacy and stability of active ingredients, contributing to potential cost efficiencies.

Including OCC in liquid nutrients has unveiled a tapestry of benefits for growers. Formulations have reported amplified stress resilience, enriched quality attributes, enhanced flavours, and elevated nutritional value in crops from growers. This ripple of positivity has also found its way to the commercial realm, uplifting growers’ profits.

OCC’s adaptability extends to granular fertilisers, biostimulants, crop protection chemicals, and growing media.