About OCC

Organic Colloidal Concentrate (OCC) results from a collaboration between research and tertiary institutions in Asia and North America.  Initial research was in the Asia Pacific region with major North American fresh produce brands.  Field researches subsequently moved to Spain to capitalise on Iberia’s year-round climate for cultivation.

OCC is a unique, plant-based, concentrated emulsion ideal as a standalone colloidal liquid nutrient or an ingredient to a liquid nutrient or bio-stimulant.

OCC colloidal nutrients have displayed many advantages unique in agriculture and horticulture settings on varied crops in different regions.

Robust and Healthier Crops with Enhanced Passive Immunity: Improved nutrient and mineral absorption through enhancing cell metabolism, which raises passive immunity for higher resistance to pests and diseases. Elements in OCC also allow crops to be more robust against nature elements with better resistance to stresses, resulting in improved overall plant health and appearance.

Effective Delivery & Release of Nutrients: OCC facilitates the exchange of positive and negative ions in the soil or growing medium, allowing for active nutrients uptake, delivery, and absorption by the root system to plant cells. It activates repressed nutrients to enhance more uniform and healthier plant growth and optimise crops’ positive attributes.

Better Quality & Higher Value: Effective nutrients absorption will improve the taste, nutritional value, and appearance of crops, all critical attributes to better value. Efficacy measurements in controlled condition – aeroponic cultivation (low variables & soil-less) for buttered lettuce confirmed the superior efficacy of OCC formulations in enhancing the nutritional value of crops.

Reduction in Risks of Chemical Compound Residues: OCC’s effectiveness on active ingredients delivery allows formulators to reduce the dosage of active ingredients in formulations. When active ingredients remain the same in formulations, growers can apply at a higher dilution rate, minimising compound residue risks on crops.

Lower Overall Cost & Higher Commercial Returns: The aggregate benefits derived from OCC for agriculture applications have sustained lower overall costs and higher financial returns to both formulators and growers.

The benefits extend beyond the fields for growers, with lasting freshness due to reduced levels of pathogens and microbes. This factor has a positive impact on logistics and increased financial returns along the value chain. Today, OCC is being manufactured in Hong Kong and Spain, supplying various markets worldwide as an industrial product.

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