Unique Advantages of OCC

The formulated products with Organic Colloidal Concentrate have achieved unique performances in agricultural economies worldwide. They provide unparalleled advantages to growers and stakeholders. Amongst them are;

  • Earlier maturity and harvest of seasonal high-value crops by more than two weeks to capitalise on higher returns in the market 
  • Using a nutritional approach to mitigate production losses from challenging disease conditions such as the devastating citrus greening disease [in Brazil], xylella fastidiosa in olives or almonds [in Spain], grapevine trunk disease in vineyards [in Spain & Portugal], and fusarium root rot in berries orchards [in Mexico].
  • Can reduce input costs while improving production yields in horticulture, fruits and cereal contract growing fields, orchards in Europe and Latin America, and plantations in China.
  • Shorten Nurseries to Fields lead-time with improved field survival rates.
  • Enables low residue cultivation for better food safety while protecting the crops for optimal yields.