Our Story

Drawing upon over 30 years of extensive experience in the chemical industry since the mid-eighties, we embarked on a journey of research and product development tailored for the agrochemical sector as the new millennium began. Our core mission revolved around delivering products that are not only effective but also uphold safety and eco-friendliness.

Through collaboration with commercial entities, institutions, and researchers spanning Asia and North America, we successfully conducted numerous field trials across a diverse array of commercial crops over a decade. Building upon this success, a pivotal decision was made to expand our field research efforts into the European Union markets, driven by the region’s stringent environmental and food safety regulations.

Our initial research endeavours were rooted in the Netherlands, and subsequently, we transitioned our operations to Spain. This move was motivated by the Iberian Peninsula’s unique advantage of offering year-round open-field cultivation. In 2017, we established a dedicated entity in Spain to strengthen our operations further, complementing our existing Hong Kong operation.

2021 marked another significant milestone as we ventured into Australasia, basing our operations in Orange, New South Wales. This strategic move aimed to introduce and promote our innovative lipid technology within the agriculture industries of Australia and New Zealand.