The Science

Colloids, formed over time through the decomposition of organic and plant wastes, are probably the most vital and active element in the natural soil for plant growth. 

Colloids determine the physical and chemical properties of soil. They are instrumental in facilitating the delivery of nutrients and minerals from the earth through the root system and into the plant for growth. The fallowing of agricultural land is one form of replenishing colloids naturally in agricultural soil.

OCC has its origin in the study and research of natural soil colloids.  It can simulate the natural process of colloidal micelle formation and bears the characteristics of natural colloids. 

When applied with agricultural formulations, OCC acts as a carrier tool with improved absorption characteristics to significantly improve active compounds’ performance, requiring less to achieve its desired objectives while saving costs. 

The product can be used for accreditation as input for organic farming under USDA NOP, UNE 1425000 and equivalent.