The Science

Soil colloids, which form as organic and plant waste decomposes over time, are pivotal in nurturing plant growth within natural soil. Their significance lies in shaping both the physical and chemical traits of soil. Importantly, they serve as conduits, channelling nutrients and minerals from the earth through root systems and into plants for robust growth. Agriculture practice like the fallowing is a method that replenishes colloids naturally in agricultural soil.

AgCelle OCC’s origins can be traced back to studying natural soil colloids. It mirrors the process of forming colloidal micelles naturally and embodies the attributes of these colloids.

In agriculture, OCC assumes the role of an adept carrier. Its advanced absorption traits enhance the performance of active components in formulations, achieving objectives with less material and resulting in cost savings.

The product’s versatility extends to organic farming accreditation, adhering to standards like USDA NOP, UNE 142500, and equivalents. It’s a testament to our commitment to effective and sustainable agricultural practices.