“ZERO” Residue

The strategy of Low or “ZERO” Residue in commercial farming seeks to achieve four primary goals;

  1. Reduction of chemical-synthetic pesticide use
  2. No pesticide residues detectable
  3. Production of high-quality fresh crops
  4. Meeting all of the above without compromising productivity

OCC-facilitated agrochemicals have proven in commercial fields to be able to reduce chemical-synthetic pesticide use by between 30% to 70%. In all instances, the quality and productivity of crops were not compromised and enhanced in many of the cases.

A unique feature of OCC is its ability to improve the release of the oxygen molecule when in combination with Hydrogen Peroxide in the tank mix before crop application.

Hydrogen Peroxide is ubiquitous to plants and produced in plant cells during photosynthesis and photorespiration. It is a crucial component in plant physiology that facilitates plant growth, development and stress response. In recent years, it has become a vital tool in farms’ natural water or irrigation system disinfection before crop application.

OCC can enhance the release of the oxygen molecule in a tank-mix setting with hydrogen peroxide to boost its anti-fungal and anti-viral properties, leaving only water as residue on crops. This OCC with Hydrogen Peroxide combination is commonly used against fungal and viral diseases, and have also successfully managed the spread of ESCA grapevine trunk diseases in European vineyards.

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