Mode of Action

Organic Colloidal Concentrate (OCC) is a nano-structured, lipid-based concentrated nutrient that can encapsulate active compounds in an aqueous environment to form into colloidal micelles. OCC micelles contains trace amount of organic nitrogen, and have a unique physicochemical characteristic with a particle size of between 2nm to 4nm when dissolving in D.I. water (below).

When applied with agriculture formulations, OCC can significantly enhance the delivery and penetration efficacy of active compounds to improve the overall performance of the agrochemical product. It is ideal as a penetrant component to nutrient management, either as an in-can ingredient for liquid colloidal nutrients or as a tank-mix supplement.  When OCC becomes a component of liquid nutrient, we term the colloidal product a colloidal nutrient.

The OCC colloidal nutrients can simulate the characteristics of organic humus colloids in the soil.  In an aqueous environment, the lipids of OCC colloidal nutrient can encapsulate minerals and chemical compounds into a colloidal micelle (below).

The lipid-encapsulated micelles are efficient in the penetration into the plant system, and capable of moving through the symplastic pathways in plants for efficient distribution of nutrients to plant cells (below). The colloidal nutrient is suitable for precision nutrient management to improve crop growth, health, stress resistance, with enhancement in commercial productivity and quality attributes.

Colloidal micelles formed in colloidal nutrients can easily penetrate plant system and move efficiently through the symplastic pathways into vascular systems and plant cells

A unique characteristic of OCC colloidal nutrients is the ability to penetrate tree trunk into the vascular system, as well as penetrating biofilm formed by pathogens of vascular diseases.  Conditions such as citrus greening, xylella fastidiosa or the ESCA grapevine trunk diseases form these biofilms in the vascular system. The biofilms block the flow of sap and nutrients, which eventually lead to the demise of the cultivars (below).  Field applications have shown that OCC colloidal nutrients can mitigate the blockage by pathogen-induced biofilms in the vascular system, and bring the ailing trees back to productive health.

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