Manage Fatal Diseases

The growing impact of diseases in the vascular system of plants has devastated vital agricultural productions worldwide in recent years resulting in millions of dollars in losses and eradication of thousands of trees.

Diseases such as Citrus Greening or Huanglongbing (phloem-limited, bacterial) which devastated global citrus production, and Xylella fastidiosa (xylem-limited, bacterial), also known as Pierce’s disease in grapevines, have adversely impacted the production of olives, grapes, citrus, and almonds, amongst others. Another form of such condition is the grapevine trunk disease (xylem-limited, fungal), which affects vineyards in Europe, the Americas and Oceania (ESCA, Eutypa).

Vascular diseases in the xylem and phloem are fatal to plants due to the colonisation of pathogens that eventually form biofilms that block sap flow and prevent vital nutrients from being delivered to foliage and other parts of plants, leading to their eventual demise.

Organic Colloidal Concentrate, with its unique characteristics and mode of action, is able to penetrate the biofilms formed by pathogens in xylem and phloem, thereby continue to deliver vital nutrients to all parts of plants in the presence of the pathogens, nourish the cultivar, boost their passive immunity, and eventually reverse the disease symptoms.

Field results over the past two years showed that OCC-facilitated agrochemicals have been able to maintain the productive health of plants, allowing them to achieve quality, higher output despite the presence of the pathogens.

Beyond overcoming vascular diseases, OCC has also been able to raise the efficacies of chemical compounds against infections, particularly under severe conditions to improve overall commercial productivity, and in many instances, at a lower dosage of the chemical compounds.

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