With over 30 years of experience in global trade and scientific research, AgCelle and its affiliated companies focus on the delivery of environmentally and socially responsible solutions to facilitate sustainable development.

The group has developed various industrial products and solutions over the years and adopted by global establishments for green and sustainable development.  Adopters include multinationals and brands.

The sciences behind AgCelle’s solution to sustainable agriculture derives from the chemical and biological discipline.  The product is simple and effective, and bring to our agricultural eco-system a viable solution to stakeholders with long term sustainable benefits to the environment.

We supply to our partners and customers – agrochemical companies and agriculture service providers, solutions in micelle encapsulation technology through a plant-based organic substance known as the Organic Colloidal Concentrate, or OCC. 

The OCC improves compounds movements from cultivating soil into the plant systems to optimise plant growth, improve compound efficiencies, and enhance stress resistance of plants. 

The solution is widely applied in many agricultural economies around the world across a diverse range of crops and plants, and supply through our manufacturing bases in Asia and Europe. 

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