Mitigation of soil borne fungal diseases and nematodes


A major exporter of fresh produce and fruits in North America faced severe fusarium contaminated soil issue on several of their contract berry farms. The condition severely damaged the root system of the plants, and drastically affected the productive health.  The exporter subsequently developed a novel approach with a supplier of OCC colloidal nutrients to mitigate the problem. 

They combined hydrogen peroxide with OCC colloidal nutrient as a soil drench. OCC colloidal nutrient, which contains OCC, can facilitate the oxidation of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and release a single electron to oxygen (O), leaving only water (H2O) as residue. The idea is to use the released oxygen molecules that emit from the mixed solution to eradicate harmful fungal pathogens and leaves no toxic waste in the soil other than water.

Damaged Roots System


The pre-implementation laboratory results show that harmful fungal pathogens drastically reduced with beneficial fungi Trichoderma sp unharmed. Nematodes were undetectable after the treatment. Following the laboratory results, the exporter implemented tested method in all the orchards and successfully mitigated the fusarium wilt and a myriad of other soil-borne fungal diseases in the farms. It is important to note that this method leaves no undesirable residue in the soil. Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) upon mixing with OCC colloidal nutrient facilitates the release of oxygen molecules, leaving only water (H2O) as residue. The oxygen molecules in the soil also facilitate the beneficial microbes around the root system and boost root growth.

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