Mitigate production losses on HLB-infected citrus


Citrus Greening Disease is known to be the most devastating disease in the worldwide citrus industry with no effective cure to date.

An 18-month assessment of the impact of colloidal nutrients to mitigate production losses was conducted in South America during the 2018-2019 season.   The trial was designed to follow the orchard’s standard management protocol to ensure that the cost of implementation is within commercially viable budget.  Applications of colloidal nutrients were with pesticides on foliage and once monthly on the base of the trunk.

Six groups of trees were selected for the trials with different application methods.

T1 to T3 represent HLB infected trees with the application of various OCC colloidal nutrients onto the foliage and the trunk.
T4 represents HLB infected trees with standard protocol WITHOUT colloidal nutrients.
T5 represents Healthy trees with the application of colloidal nutrients onto ONLY the foliage of the trees
T6 represents Healthy trees with the implementation of standard protocol

Among the HLB-Infected Trees:
T2 has the highest productivity by weight per tree at 126.38kgs, follow by T1 at 122.31kgs and T3 at 115.17kgs. The standard protocol only yielded 73kgs.

Among the Healthy Trees:
T5 with OCC colloidal nutrients produced 167.08kgs per tree, close to 60% more over standard protocol T6 at 105.98kgs.

It is also important to note that the healthy citrus trees without HLB infection under standard protocol produced less than the HLB infected trees treated with various OCC colloidal nutrient formulations.

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