Barley: Reduction of 50% in Herbicide & Nitrogen solution with 23% increase in productivity


This is a commercial trial conducted by one of the largest animal feed meal producer in Europe.  A key objective is to ascertain if the use of colloidal nutritional program with OCC can assist in the reduction input cost per hectare, and yet obtain the desired protein content level in Barley for use in animal feed meal.  The trial was conducted with MESETA variety Barley in the fields in the municipality of Tona, Osano near Barcelona.

Two colloidal applications were applied;
First Application: Together with 50% dosage (0.5L/ha.) Pinoxaden 10% (Axial Pro) herbicide.
Second Application:  Together with 50% dosage of nitrogenous solution (N32) at 50kg/ha.


The quality parameters of Barley meets requirement with 23% increase in productivity with chemical cost per hectare reduced from €88/ha. to €57/ha., and revenue per hectare increase from €507.20/ha to €672/ha.

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