Barley: Reduction of 50% Fungicide with a 20% Increase in Productivity


Barley is currently the most cultivated crop in Spain, with an acreage of about three million ha.  Its importance stems from its adaptation to areas with poor soil conditions and water stress.  The aim of this trial conducted by the Mas Badia Foundation, IRTA in Catalonia, Spain is to assess the impact of OCC colloidal nutrients in Barley cultivation, particularly the relationship between Barley productivity and quality in relation to reduction in fungicide use.  The Barley cultivar was MESETA and fungicide used was Prosaro from Bayer CropScience.

Six plots were allocated for this trial with three control plots and three plots with colloidal fertilisers.

One treatment was applied; 
Control Plot: Full dosage of herbicides and full dosage of Prosaro with standard adjuvants.
Colloidal Plot: Colloidal nutrient in tank-mix with herbicides (full dosage) and 50% dosage of Prosaro plus standard adjuvants.


At the end of the trial, control plot yielded 5,761 kgs per hectare of Barley at 13% humidity.  On the contrary, colloidal plot with 50% less fungicide yielded 6,921 kgs per hectare at 13% humidity.  Commercial gains from the colloidal plot was 20% higher with no disease incidence despite the reduction in fungicide

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