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Organic Colloidal Concentrates (OCC) is a lipid-based concentrated emulsion that is highly efficient in the delivery of active compounds of agrochemicals to plant. It is an ideal component for liquid agrochemicals.

OCC simulates natural micelle formation in the aqueous environment with its phospholipids encapsulating active substances. This mode of action is known as micelle-encapsulation.

Agrochemical that contains OCC is highly efficient in penetration from all plant surfaces into the plant system, and capable of moving through Symplastic pathways to penetrate double lipid-membrane cell walls offering optimised performance in the delivery of active substances into plant cells. This unique mode of action is cutting edge and allows agrochemicals with OCC to be applied directly on the trunk or bark surface of plants for disease management without the need for trunk injection or endotherapy.

OCC facilitated agrochemicals can penetrate through foliage, trunk  and roots with movements through the symplastic pathways

Characteristics of OCC

  • Organic, non-toxic, totally soluble and biodegradable.
  • Useful in the encapsulation of most active substances in an aqueous state
  • Can substantially raise active compounds efficacy and improve chemical performance

Unique Functions in Plants

  • Efficient in the delivery of active compounds into plant cells.
  • Able to penetrate biofilms formed by colonisation of pathogens in xylem and phloem.
  • Able to penetrate through the trunk wall into xylem and phloem with spray application.

Benefits to Agriculture

  • Able to reduce cost by reducing the dosage of high-cost agrochemical compounds without compromising performance.
  • Able to sustain the productive health of plants despite the presence of severe vascular diseases in xylem and phloem.
  • Able to reduce growers reliance on crop protection chemicals to facilitate low residue farming to enhance food safety.

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